Thursday, May 23 2019
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Dear Fellow Citizens of District 11: PDF Print E-mail

Enormous challenges and opportunities lie before us today; unlike any we have ever faced before. It is times like these that we need great leaders who have a vision toward our future, who have the education and experience to positively influence our recovery, and who can bring our communities together for the good of our state and region.


I have long been involved in our community, in our business community and in the political process. I am prepared to bring that dedication and involvement to the Northshore as your state senator.


Equally important, I am running for Senate seat District 11 because I am dedicated to family. Maura, my wonderful wife of 19 years, and I have lived on the Northshore for 35 years. We envision a Northshore where our children can grow up, get a good education, select from a variety of quality jobs and raise the next generation. This means having adequate infrastructure, good schools, and promising business opportunities that keep our children home.


With your help and support, I will work to be an effective leader and to make a positive difference in the way your state government works for you. Please take a few minutes to review my website and learn more about me. Please, come back often for the latest updates and to share with me your comments and suggestions. I welcome your support in my bid for the District 11 seat.








Read about Jack's family life. He has been a resident of the Northshore for 35 years, a husband to Maura Donahue for 19 years, and father to a blended family of 6 children. He's a grandfather too...

  • Tulane University
  • Advanced Foundation Design
  • LSU-B.S. Civil Engineering
  • Holy Cross High School
On Running
Why Jack Donahue is Running? I can bring to the State Senate a clearly focused vision along with the leadership and planning skills to create the path to get there.

Leadership is a process of demonstration of the principles of success put forth in such a way that other people want to either emulate it or follow it. It is not done from the rear but out front for everyone to see.
--Jack Donahue