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Jack Donahue Newsletter 7-19-2007 State Rankings PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, July 19 2007 - 11:17 am

Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks, I have been walking the district and visiting with voters about their top concerns.
Repeatedly, people mention the high cost of living and doing business in Louisiana. These high costs, such as insurance, are driving people to leave Louisiana in search of better economic opportunities and a more affordable environment to live and raise a family.  

Over the next four years, we must start addressing these critical “cost of living” issues that are so important to so many voters.
I have researched a report published by the respected watchdog group, the Taxpayers Network. It compared and ranked all 50 states on many important criteria that impact taxpayers.



Here is an example of some of the disturbing information I uncovered:

  • Ranking of Relative Health—49th

  • Median Family Income—47th

  • State Ranking of Liability and Litigation Systems—47th

  • Median Housing Value—43rd Per Capita Personal and Disposable Income—43rd

  • Small Business Survival Index—35th

  • Maximum State Corporate Income Tax Rate—18th

  • Electricity Prices for Commercial Enterprises—18th

  • State and Local Tax Burden as Percent of Income—17th

  • Crime Rate per 100,000 people—8th

  • Percentage of People Without Health Insurance—6th

  • Expenditures for Auto Insurance—6th

  • Percent of Population Below Poverty—2nd

  • Average Homeowners Insurance Premiums—2nd

These statistics are quite dramatic and paint a picture of a state in serious trouble. In my view, we have plenty of unfinished business to tackle next year in Baton Rouge. At the top of my agenda will be to improve the economic conditions for our residents and making living expenses in Louisiana much more affordable.
Too often, our leaders in Baton Rouge focus on trivial issues, such as cockfighting and daylight saving time, instead of dealing with the real problems which beset our state. Legislators have powerful tools at their disposal and can easily give relief to hard working taxpayers. Instead of growing government and giving raises to elected officials, I will strive to give tangible financial relief to the struggling residents of Louisiana.  

Throughout the campaign for State Senate, I will continue to provide you my observations and suggestions on significant issues facing the state. It is time for leadership in Baton Rouge, and I stand ready to lead as the next State Senator for District 11. The election will be held on Saturday, October 20. Please join me in this campaign to not only become your next State Senator, but to also begin the long process of turning around the great State of Louisiana.
I encourage you to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.


I can be reached at (985) 612-1034 or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sincerely yours,
Jack Donahue
Candidate for LA State Senate, District 11