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Jack Donahue for Senate Newsletter 10-10-07 Term Limits PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 11 2007 - 7:43 am

Dear Friends,

In 1995, the Louisiana Legislature voted to institute a very important reform in Louisiana, a three-term limit on legislators. This critical measure was then placed on the ballot and supported by an overwhelming 76% of Louisiana voters. Due to that strong vote of the people, unlimited terms for legislators ended and a three-term, 12-year limit became the law for Louisiana legislators.

Unfortunately, since that time there have been numerous attempts by lawmakers to repeal the term limits law and revert back to the old system. According to Stacie Rumenap, Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits, these efforts expose “the natural impulse of career politicians to try to save their political monopolies at all costs."

The old system was flawed as certain political insiders became too powerful, reform was thwarted and in many instances corruption thrived. This type of typical Louisiana politics plagued our state for decades.

In contrast, term limits allow new ideas to be introduced into the political arena and new candidates to offer themselves for public service. In this statewide election, it is especially important as close to 60 new members will be joining the Louisiana Legislature because of term limits. It is a breath of fresh air that our political system desperately needs.

In the past, Louisiana has not been on the forefront of reform initiatives or new thinking, but term limits will help foster change, which is what we need right now to move our state forward, improve our image and become competitive with neighboring states. In fact, Louisiana voters agree and still strongly support term limits. A recent poll indicated that 74% of the voters would support the same term limits initiative again.

In the race for State Senate District 11, my opponent is a 16-year veteran of the State Legislature who is attempting to move from the House to the Senate. In my view, this circumvents the clear intention of the term limits law.

Any incumbent, especially one who has been in the legislature for four terms, has certain advantages over a challenger, such as access to media and public recognition.

It is difficult for any newcomer to beat an entrenched incumbent, which is why the term limits law is so important. Therefore, if elected, I pledge to abide by the three-term limit and I will not violate the spirit of the law and the will of the people of Louisiana by running for another legislative position. After 12 years, it will be time for new leaders to take my place to offer new ideas with new vigor.

We have a chance for exciting changes in Louisiana next year. With a new governor and a new legislature, Louisiana can take some major steps forward.
We should never again revisit the old ways of unlimited terms and unchecked power. We are embarking on a new era in Louisiana politics, and with your help I can represent you in the State Senate and offer the type of change and leadership that District 11 needs in Baton Rouge.

In the last few weeks of this campaign for State Senate, I will continue to provide you my observations and suggestions on significant issues facing the state. It is time for leadership in Baton Rouge, and I stand ready to lead as the next State Senator for District 11.

The election will be held on Saturday, October 20. Early voting has now begun and will continue until Saturday October 13. Please join me in this campaign to not only become your next State Senator, but to also begin the long process of turning around the great State of Louisiana.

I encourage you to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. I can be reached at (985) 612-1034 or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sincerely yours,


Jack Donahue
Candidate for LA State Senate, District 11