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Friday, September 05 2008 - 4:16 pm

To My Friends,


Well the storm is over but now we will have to cope with the aftermath for a while. These storms are starting to highlight some significant flaws in our infrastructure and one in particular is having a detrimental effect on our ability to return to normal. This flaw hinges on the electrical distribution system and it's vulnerability to damage by these storms. Having power allows gasoline to be pumped, food to be sold in stores and people to live comfortably in their homes. I am concerned with the amount of damage that is occurring in these storms and the length of time it takes to restore the power. We, as a state, need to review our power grid and see how it can be improved in order to minimize the lost time after these storms.


Governor Jindal was on the Northshore on Tuesday afternoon and he came in with his entire team. He spoke for a few minutes and made the following points:

  1. Louisiana conducted and accomplished the largest evacuation in the history of this country, 1,900,000 people were moved!!!
  2. In the aftermath of Gustav there are 1,300,000 people without power.

He didn't spend time complementing himself. He spent a lot of time praising the Northshore governments and their operations during this emergency.

When he finished speaking publicly, we went into a private meeting with Parish Presidents, Mayors, Representatives Pearson, Simon, Schroder, and me. He was candid in his concern about getting power back across the state but instead of just complaining he directed the purchase of 400 generators for use across the state to be used at service stations in order to be able to pump fuel. It felt good to have someone at the helm that understands what needed to be done and has the courage to just did it.


Parish President Kevin Davis and his staff have done an amazing job handling this storm and its aftermath. Everyday President Davis conducted an EOC meeting which was attended by representatives of the cities, hospitals, fire and police departments, schools, etc. They did a wonderful job - please remember to thank them when you have the opportunity. Here are some pertinent facts:

  1. St Tammany is now included in the Emergency Declaration.
  2. Schools are scheduled to start on Monday, September 8, 2008. There are some schools still without power so keep an eye out for your local schools.
  3. CLECO will have almost all power restored by today, at the latest Saturday.
  4. WST seems to be doing better than last time and have a lot of personnel on the ground.
  5. Friday Night Football is canceled.
  6. We should not experience any lack of fuel problems. The service stations are opening back up and allocations of fuel are being protected so relax - we will be fine.
  7. Saturday's election has been canceled and has been moved back to the October election date.


The Parish is doing well but is suffering with not getting residences and businesses back on line in a timely fashion. President Burgess attended the private meeting with the Governor and expressed concern about having a more open line of communication with Entergy. Connections seem to be going much better in the St. Tammany area.

Mayor Mayson Foster is fighting to get grocery stores and service stations open to be able to provide basic services for his residents.

Mayor Bob Zabbia reports that things are getting back to normal very quickly in Ponchatoula.

Tangipahoa has been included in the Emergency Declaration.


Mayors Foster, Zabbia, Watkins, Price and Morris did an outstanding job - thank them.


Local contractors can be involved in the clean up by calling Roy Quezaire at the DOTD. Roy can be reached at 225-379-1706.

Please call me with any problems. Michelle and I are ready to help.


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