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Senator Jack Donahue Newsletter - Two More Weeks PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 08 2010 - 12:43 pm

It is hard to believe that only two weeks are left, but on June 21, 2010, at 6:00 p.m., the 2010 Regular Session must end, sine die.

There are several significant issues coming up this week on the floor of the senate. The issues, sadly, are not related to the problems that are plaguing state government but instead focus on issues which I believe are actually detrimental to the state. The issues are:

  1. The House will debate whether the Attorney General should be able to award contracts to law firms by allowing contingency fee contracts. Under present law the AG can hire/engage any firm he wants but is only allowed to hire them on an hourly basis. Despite my efforts and opposition, SB731 did pass out of the Senate and is now headed to the House for committee referral.
  2. We will debate whether or not to assess an oil processing tax in Louisiana.
  3. We will debate whether or not to return to the old days and allow plaintiffs to sue for exemplary or punitive damages.

My opinion is that all three bills are bad and should not be passed. Those that are still in the Senate, I intend to fight vigorously.

Senate Finance Committee is meeting constantly as we try to evaluate the budget as presented by the House. We have to determine just how their recommendations fit into the available money in Louisiana.

My bill to reduce the work force by 5% per year for three years, SB293, has passed the Senate, and I presented it to the Committee on Appropriations on Monday. If this legislation is passed, it will save the state over $150 million per year for three years. SB293 did receive a favorable hearing in Appropriations and is headed to the House floor. Please call your Representative and ask for their support.

Thank you for all your encouragement—it means a lot.