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Senator Jack Donahue Newsletter: The STREAMLINING REPORT PDF Print E-mail
Friday, November 19 2010 - 4:14 pm

Roy O. Martin, III, Vice Chair of Streamlining, and I gave a report to the Senate Finance Committee last Friday.  The report concluded that of the 238 recommendations that the Commission promoted, approximately 175 of them were actually carried out. 
The recommendations were implemented in several ways:


  1. Administratively, with no legislation required
  2. In the Executive Budget presented in March of 2010
  3. Legislation filed, passed, and enacted

The Administration did an excellent job of following through and having the vast majority of the recommendations implemented.  A great example is the actual reduction of the number of state-owned vehicles.  As a result of the implementation of this item, we are ridding our state of thousands of fleet vehicles, saving the state millions annually.

Executive Budget
The Governor included many of the recommendations in his current budget and they are saving money in the state today.  A great example is the reduction of the number of state-owned developmental disability facilities across the state.  It has been determined that caring for citizens with development disabilities in public facilities cost about twice as much as the same care in private facilities.

Enacted Legislation
A couple of the more significant recommendations that became law were:

SB293, Act 1000 requires that each department set a goal of 5% reduction in the number of employees each year for the next 3 years.  The reduction would bring us in line with other states while saving $750,000,000 over the next 3 years.

SB299, Act 1001 encompasses a “Full Cost Recovery” plan which requires that every fee the state charges be examined to determine the actual cost of the service and have the legislature evaluate if the service received is still something of benefit to the citizens of this state.  This law will allow us to reorder the priorities of the state to better reflect the needs of the state and the desires of its citizens.

You can examine all of the streamlining recommendations by going to the Commission’s web page:

It is my pleasure to continue to represent you in the Louisiana Senate and it is a true privilege to serve the residents of District 11 and all the people of this great state.

Thank You,