Monday, April 22 2019
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Wednesday, April 27 2011 - 11:03 am

Well, It Has Started Again

There are not nearly as many bills filed this year as there has been in previous years.  From a personal standpoint, I wanted to keep myself available to work diligently on the state budget through the Senate Finance Committee.

The Executive budget has put the Legislature in a difficult position with some of its assumptions. Specifically, the Executive budget proposes selling certain Correctional Facilities and using the $85,738,555 from the sale in the budget for Department of Health and Hospitals.  That money would then be used to obtain a Federal match of $193,904,486. The total transaction is $279,643,041.  The result is that if the Legislature does not approve the sale of the prisons then the Legislature will have to figure out where to get the $279,643,041 that the sale would have produced.

If you follow what is going on, you will quickly realize that the proposed Executive budget is really not technically balanced since it uses non-recurring dollars and also assumes the use of dollars which are only available based on the future action of the Legislature!

Let me know your thoughts.

It is a pleasure to represent you,