Monday, April 22 2019
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Wednesday, April 29 2015 - 4:15 pm


Well, the second week is over and it may not look like a lot was done but some significant legislation took place. 

The most important step is that the Senate Finance Committee, which I chair, passed SB 177 -- a Constitutional Amendment that essentially gets rid of the Inventory Tax.  It was an important milestone because the House was waiting for the Senate to begin the process before it started moving revenue bills.  Over the next week, you will see a number of revenue bills come out of the Ways and Means Committee and head to the floor of the House, some of which will surely move us closer to a positive outcome for the budget crisis.

Senate committee chairmen met with Governor Jindal last week for lunch at the Mansion.  The governor was very clear that he intends to veto the budget if it contains anything that the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) views as a tax increase. Balancing the budget is even more difficult trying to work within the governor's guidelines.

I will keep you informed of what is going on here in Baton Rouge and please let me know what I can do to help you.

Jack Donahue